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Management Tips for First Year Teachers

While many people can argue this, classroom management is essentially the bread and butter for student success. To put it simply, effective teaching and learning cannot take place if a classroom is poorly managed. In fact, research has shown that teacher’s actions in their classrooms have twice the impact on student achievement as do school […]

What Makes a Great Teacher?

Though I am no longer in the classroom, I constantly reminisce about the times when I was a soldier in the fight for education equity. Within my four walls of my class, I saw hope, pain, failure, love, passion, and most importantly success. With all of the undergoing changes that we are seeing within the […]

Steps to Plan a Tiered Activity

Day in the Life: Arkansas Teacher of the Year

How to Map out Your D.I. Lessons

Differentiated Instructions in Practice

The New Age of Teaching: Bell-To-Bell

Unlike the antiquated style of teaching where in the past a teacher can stand in front of a classroom and lecture for an entire hour, the new supportive instructional delivery has taken a more interactive stance of what is required by both the teacher and their students. A lot of this is shaped by the […]

The Staggering Cost of Teacher Attrition

Culturally Responsive Teaching by Demetrius Lancaster

Education Reform Infograph: Back to School Statistics

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