Bernard Pierorazio

Leader, Educator, Activist

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End of the Year Reflection

As we enter the last few weeks of the academic calendar, I would advise teachers and educational professionals alike to spend the time and reflect on their experience within the classroom. Over the course of the year, teachers face a myriad of daily choices: classroom management, classroom expectations, students goals, and, of course, student achievement. […]

The New Age of Teaching: Bell-To-Bell

Unlike the antiquated style of teaching where in the past a teacher can stand in front of a classroom and lecture for an entire hour, the new supportive instructional delivery has taken a more interactive stance of what is required by both the teacher and their students. A lot of this is shaped by the […]


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Bernard has done so much to help young people with their education.  Apart from the school however, he has hobbies and interests that he highlights on his personal site.  You can visit it by clicking the link below. CLICK HERE

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